LGBTI Bahamas
Joined June 2021


Our vision is for a country where every Bahamian, no matter who they love or how they present, can reach their fullest potential.

The D M A R C O Organization is the foremost organization in The Bahamas advocating for the rights of LGBTQI Bahamians. Vital to our advocacy work has been our Safe Space Programme, which provides support for those who have been kicked out of their homes because they are LGBTI.
Members of this vulnerable community who are displaced and are homeless or sofa-surfing are supported with housing, education, life skills, and linkages to healthcare and other critical service providers.
Our goal is to empower displaced LGBTIQ Bahamians so that they can rise out of poverty and go on to contribute to Bahamian society,
Funding will go to supporting this vital programme. as well as other services, seminars, outreach and educational initiatives that we have been providing for our patrons and the community.


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Safe Space Housing Programme